"It might sound cliche but the life coaching sessions that I have been having with Larissa since May have been a life-changing experience for me. Among other things, they have helped me to realize what is truly important to me and to value certain aspects of life that I had not been aware of or simply had not been noticing in the past thirty-something years. And as much as it required work on my side, I believe that the most important factors in this process were Larissa's guidance and her innovative approach to coaching.

Rather than lecturing or overwhelming with theory, Larissa would focus on what I called once "eye opening exercises" and help me realize what needed to be done in order to get the results that I was looking for. She is astonishingly tactful and understanding, yet at the same time she never allows her sessions to drift away and stays focused on developing each session in away that would cover the areas that we both planned to address during our first meeting.

Larissa has got an amazing gift of translating 'the spiritual' into every-day life terms and applies her skills and knowledge in a way
that would be most helpful and beneficial. Some techniques that I have had a chance to learn during our sessions - meditation and controlling breathing just to name a few - have helped me tremendously to deal with stress and stay positive regardless of how difficult the situation appeared to be at first.

Larissa truly loves what she does and this has a visible influence on the way our coaching sessions are being conducted: at some stage they have become 'positive energy boosters' for me for the rest of the
week, almost like recharging batteries. I would say the only thing that I truly regret about our sessions is that I did not start them two or three years ago".

          Alex - mid 30's male - Life Coaching

"I am sitting here and reflecting this morning on our last immersion meeting. I want to share with you, briefly, my experience with the immersion. 

First off, I am so grateful for my experience in this immersion. I understand so much more about myself. The depths of what I have learned might not make it into words but it is there and now a part of me, looking to be nurtured and grow. I feel better equipped for life's journey. The changes I've noticed in myself range from the small such as, accepting where I am in the moment, to much larger issues in my life. However, these issues feel much less insurmountable and scary now, in fact I look forward to the journey and all that it will bring, including the ups and downs. Coming from a critical family I have learned to criticize and judge as a way of thinking/surviving which never worked for me but I couldn't figure out how to change. Years of therapy have not given me what one month of yoga gave me.

Can I possibly learn to find happiness and love in the world?
A radical thought for me but I am now believing in the possibility of this.

I also appreciate learning that yoga is so much more than exercise, it is a way of life. I honestly signed up for the immersion more to jump start physical activity but I left with a greater understanding and connection to myself that I never had before. And for that I am truly grateful.

Although the immersion class has ended it feels as though I am just beginning a great journey; I attribute this to your passion for yoga along with your willingness to give your time and share with us." 
          Heather - mid 30's female - Bringing Yoga to Life Immersion (5 week group)

"YOU are amazing and have so much to give this universe, and I feel SO blessed to have met you and have you in my life and be able to share you.  Today I really feel loved, full, complete, and whole!  Thank you for helping me find little K again!!!"

          Kristina -  32 female - Life Coaching