In 1984, at age seven, Lyme disease left me unable to walk and I was introduced to yoga and meditation as healing modalities. As a child my mother was a hypnotherapist and was very involved with the holistic health movement in the early 1980's which allowed me to explore breath and movement as a way to heal my own body. As an adult I have spent the last 17 years practicing various types of yoga and has explored the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of yoga. The practice of yoga is deep and personal and I share with my students how to connect to their bodies and enjoy higher quality movement in everyday life.  

From a young age I also knew I was connected to a higher spiritual power which after many years of personal learning and exploration lead me to earn a BA from Dickinson College in Comparative Religious Theologies with a concentration in Eastern Philosophy. This background was further expanded by a 200 hour teacher training which included focused studies with regional and national teachers.


Over the past 20+ years I have continued to take courses and learn from a wide range of healers, teachers, coaches and leaders. It has made for an eclectic and unique form of teaching.  I am humbled daily by being able to do this work and am eternally grateful for the ability and opportunities that come from witnessing people rise into their full authentic power.  

Private Sessions 
By Appointment Only ~ Contact for Availability

Private sessions are a highly personalized approach which focus on your whole life and where you are out of alignment. For the body, we will use postures, breath, and hands on adjustments that will address your bodies specific needs. Using mindfulness techniques, yoga philosophy and coaching tools you will gain access to deeper parts of yourself designed to expedite healing and personal development. I specialize in trauma (post therapy PTSD), mental well-being (anxiety, depression, etc.), injury rehabilitation/structural re-aligning and aging bodies. Having worked in tandem with a chiropractor healing both long term physical ailments as well as rehabilitating short term injury has given me the training and focus necessary for healing a variety of physical discomforts. Working as a coach has given me the experience and tools needed to work with the non-physical in tandem with the body. 

  • Private Session Pricing 
    • ​Packages:
      • $120 single session 
      • $300 for 3 sessions
      • $450 for 6 sessions
      • $720 for 12 sessions
    • Auto Pay:
      • ​$60 per session  
        • Automatically charged per session for preset appointment time.
        • Requires 12 session minimum commitment. 

Studio Classes

Through movement, breath, mindfulness, yogic theory and humor I create a safe environment to allow students to receive what they need in the moment. "We're just playing yoga".

Orleans Yoga  - 85 MA-6A, Orleans, MA 02653

Monday         7:30 AM ~ Gentle Flow

Wednesday   7:30 AM ~ Yin + Meditation

                        9:15 AM ~ Align + Flow

Friday            7:30 AM ~ Gentle Flow

                        6:00 PM ~ Monthly Restorative (third Friday of every month)

Sunday          9:00 AM ~ Align + Flow

Fitness Revolution - 5B Namskaket Road Orleans, MA 02653

Friday         3:00 PM ~ Hatha Yoga 

The Masjah Center - 181 Route 137, East Harwich MA

Monday     9:30 AM ~ Gentle Healing Yoga

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